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Remote Online Notary or RON

Can you believe that you can be sitting anywhere in the world and you and I can “meet” in a Zoom type meeting and notarize important documents for you?  It isn’t just some space-age dream, it is here. In January 2020, Florida came onboard into the Remote Online Notary world when they passed legislation to allow for these remote notarizations. 

It is pretty simple. I send you an invitation to the meeting, you upload your documents, you pass a KBA or Knowledge-Based Authentications test, and then we begin the meeting on a Zoom type call. We see each other just like we are sitting across the table. You can be anywhere, but I have to be IN Florida for my part. 

The company I use is for my platform. You pay them and they provide the platform for your documents to meet in the cloud with my Notary Stamp. It is really pretty fantastic. I am specially trained, licensed, and bonded just for the Remote Online Notary. We currently have 2 Notaries who are RONs. 

Let us be or service to you. Call for a free demonstration. 904-333-7311

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