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We provide a wide range of services, including officiating weddings, mobile notary services, remote online notarization, and apostille services.
A notary public is an individual appointed by the state government to be present when significant documents are signed, to administer oaths, and to perform other legal duties.
A notary public can certify many different kinds of papers, such as affidavits, contracts, deeds, wills, and powers of attorney.
Yes, you should always make an appointment to see a notary public to ensure they are available and have enough time to review your papers and sign them.
A traditional notary public works from a fixed location, like an office or government building, while a mobile notary public goes to the client’s location to notarize their papers.
Driver’s licenses, passports, and other government-issued IDs with a photo and signature are usually acceptable kinds of ID for notarization.
Remote online notarization is a method in which a notary public notarizes a document through the internet by video chatting with the signer and using appropriate software and equipment.
A notary public must be commissioned in the state of Florida, complete a state-authorized remote online notarization training course, and use an approved remote online notarization platform to perform remote online notarization in Florida.
No, not all documents in Florida can be notarized remotely. Wills and trusts, which are used in real estate transactions and estate planning, must be notarized in person. Furthermore, the document being notarized must be an original, not a copy.
In Florida, the cost of remote internet notarization is comparable to traditional notarization. Some online platforms, however, may charge a convenience fee for their services. It is essential to inquire about the fees with the individual platform.
Yes, we perform same-sex weddings and are open to all couples, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Absolutely! We work closely with couples to make ceremonies that are unique to them and show their beliefs and personalities.
Yes, you need to get a marriage license from your local government office before your wedding ceremony for your marriage to be official.
An apostille is a certificate that authenticates a public official’s signature and seal on a document for use in another country. If you have a document that has to be recognized and acknowledged in another country, you may need to seek an apostille from the State of Florida.
To get an apostille in Florida, make sure your document is an original or a certified copy issued by an official authority. You must then complete the Florida Department of State’s Apostille/Certificate of Authentication Request Form and submit it to the Department of State’s Authentications Office, along with your document and payment. You can submit the documents either in person or via mail. Processing time and fees vary according to the type of document and mode of submission.