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Selecia Young-Jones - Jacksonville Notary

With innovation and legislation, Remote Online Notarization came to Florida on January 1, 2020. At first I had little interest in the opportunity but then along came COVID19 and the pandemic changed so many things. With the ability to remotely notarize a document or a loan closing whether the person is across the street or across the ocean, RON has paved the way for an unlimited opportunity for the client to “meet” with you virtually and for you to perform your Notary duties for them. Remote Online Notarization Florida USA

The Remote Online Notary platforms have a KBA or Knowledge Based Authentication Security Quiz which verifies the signers identity along with credential analysis of drivers license or passport. Then the visual of the license or passport and the face-to-face video. We “meet” online and complete the notarization just like we are sitting across a table but this time it is virtual.  The entire session is recorded and stored for 10 years. It keeps the transaction secured and verified.

Call us today for a free demo and learn more about remote online notarization Florida USA.

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With a cell phone or a tablet or computer, the signer can be anywhere in the world but the Notary must be in their jurisdiction which for us is Florida. I have signed for people in Australia, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, Spain and France. I look forward to the RONs and seeing and meeting people all over the world. These documents are for American interests even though the signer may not be an American citizen.

We have many requests for APOSTILLE work and we can accommodate you with same day service. We can have your remote documents to the Florida Secretary of State the same day and back on its way to you via FedEx. Our fees are reasonable time is money.

I am happy to give you a test drive and show you how remote online notary works. Please email or call me for Remote Online Notarization Florida USA and let us set up a session. Free consultations, always. 

Michele Klempner – Ft. Lauderdale and Beyond

Duly commissioned as a Remote Online Notary by the State of Florida and celebrating my 22nd year as a traditional Notary Public, I enjoy the service elements as well as the complexities of my role as a public servant in the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood and surrounding areas.

A decades-long career in global logistics and hospitality, with a unique international perspective, allows TRUEBLUE Signing Services to offer a full suite of Executive Services. Implementing this expertise, as an International Document Service Provider, with the ability to notarize your signature online, gives us a unique ability to reach and serve our clients, nationwide and around the world.

Coordinating, facilitating, and expediting Apostille and other state-level authentication services with a team of local couriers in all 50 states, our couriers have the authority to present certification requests in-person, thereby reducing the standard 2–3-week processing time to 3-5 business days. We also have a variety of resources and partnerships that allow us to facilitate the Apostille and Full Legalization for Federally Issued Documents.

Michele is also licensed by the National Notary Association and Loan Signing System® as a Notary Loan Signing Agent, to conduct the closing of Real Estate transactions, at your convenience, online or in-person from the comfort and privacy of your home, office or in a public venue.

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TRUEBLUE is also passionate about sustainability! Due to the tremendous paper consumption in our industry, we are happy to announce that, in early 2021 we partnered with One Tree Planted | @onetreeplanted, to plant trees! One Tree Planted is a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to global reforestation. TRUEBLUE Signing Services plants one tree for each paper closing, on a quarterly basis.

You too can plant a tree in the location of your choice for only ONE dollar! Ask me how.

Karen Albert Warren - Lakeland Notary

I have been a Notary since 2005. I have 16 years of experience as a Mobile Notary Signing Agent.

I decided to start Warren Notary Services, LLC in 2020 to to put an exclamation mark on the work that I have been doing. I enjoy being a Notary Public and providing services to my community.

I am retired and I continue to provide service because of the satisfaction that I receive when helping others.

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Beth Briand - Jacksonville Notary

I have been in the Northeast Florida region since 2008, and am a native of Alabama. I enjoy volunteering, cooking, and traveling, as well as the arts (symphony, ballet, theater), museums, historical sites, and cultural events in my free time. My primary work is in the healthcare field at a major hospital in Jacksonville. Family is important to me as I also enjoy being an aunt to my niece and nephew.

I have been a Florida notary since 2012. In 2018, I joined the team of notaries here at Rainbow Notary & Nuptials, and provide mobile notarizations, wedding officiant services, loan signings, and Remote Online Notarization Florida USA. If I am unable to assist due to my schedule, there is a network of other notaries able to provide services.

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Alcides A. Andrade - Jacksonville Notary

As a seasoned notary, Alcides brings a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you’re looking for a traditional in-person notary, a mobile notary for on-the-go convenience, or an online remote notary for virtual transactions, Andrade Notary Online has you covered. We pride ourselves on adapting to the evolving needs of our clients and staying at the forefront of notarial services.

In addition to notary services, Alcides is also a qualified wedding officiant, ready to add a personal and memorable touch to your special day. From weddings to loan signings, our expertise extends to a variety of documents, ensuring that your paperwork is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Andrade Notary Online understands the importance of flexibility in today’s fast-paced world. Our mobile notary services enable us to meet you at a location convenient for you, whether it’s your home, office, or another agreed-upon venue. And for those who prefer the convenience of online notarization, our remote services ensure a seamless and secure experience.

Choose Andrade Notary Online for a reliable partner in notarial services. With Alcides A. Andrade at the helm, you can trust that your important documents will be handled professionally, efficiently, and with a friendly touch. Contact us today for all your notary, wedding officiation, and loan signing needs in Jacksonville, Florida.


Shevonne Cooke - Jacksonville Notary

Man smiling in glasses with patterned shirt.
Serving Jacksonville and Surrounding Area

Lisa Escobar Rosado - Spanish & English Notary

From the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Lisa’s parents came to New York City and that is the hometown of Lisa and her siblings. Lisa moved to Florida in 2007 to enjoy the Florida sunshine and a slower paced life to rear her family.

In search of her own wedding officiant, she found Rainbow Notary and Nuptials. Not only did Selecia perform her wedding but offered her a position with Rainbow as a Notary and Wedding Officiant. Lisa has been a Notary since 2018. Lisa and her wife, Maria, live in Kissimmee and share two grown daughters and a son. The most exciting news on top of being married is that their daughter is giving them their first grandchild.

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Life is about sharing bonds and no one understands that better than Lis who believes that making every waking moments make life count. Her attention to detail as well as dedication to even the smallest of weddings performed something special. Lisa connects with her clients with confidence and peace of mind. Lisa enjoys music, her children, her soon to be grandchild, her pets and traveling with Maria.

Lisa Escobar Rosado - Spanish & English Notary

Notary public seal, gavel, and paperwork on desk
Spanish & English

Linda K Evans

As a Notary Public in the state of Florida we are one of three states across the United States to officiate and solemnize the rites of matrimony. I feel privileged to be in the Great State of Florida to provide this service to my clients that want to bring their Love together to a full circle of love, soulmates (best friends and memories).

I performed my first wedding ceremony for one of my patients who was finally finding Happiness and she called me up with so much bubbly and good news and before she could tell I said it would be my Honor to perform the ceremony as my gift to both of you. I thought I would be  scared at the moment but I said I can do this and I am loving it seeing the joy and happiness I can bring to a couple. A part of the Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Network, and we have the capacity to marry you as a Notary Public or
as an ordained Universal Life Church Minister.

Since the Covid pandemic you are seeing more and more couples getting married by us Notaries and giving them the ceremony they want with Joy cost efficient from small to big. Whatever their dreams over the Rainbow lets celebrate your way on your day of Love.. 

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Patti Roman

Following love has brought me to you!

My abilities as a notary and knowing that I can solemnize made me more excited to be part your biggest day. Along with the responsibility to Administer oaths or affirmations and Verify vehicle identification numbers. To add a cherry on the top I also can provide services as spray tanning and put on makeup glam as a makeup artist since 2008.

On your biggest day I can apply your makeup as well as solemnize your wedding. Call Now for your Miami Mobile Notaries Needs!

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Terri Golden - Miami and Fort Lauderdale

30,000+ loans signings; I am an experienced title closer and mobile notary. I have
worked in this capacity in New York and Florida for over 25 years. I am here for you
24/7. You can count on me to arrive on time and prepared. It is my goal to be on
your short list of calls whenever a need for a notary arises. I will always deliver the
highest level of service.
I have extensive knowledge of all documents including:

  1. sales
  2. purchases
  3. refinances
  4. reverse/modifications/commercial mortgages
  5. Heloc
  6. structured settlements
  7. debt resolutions
  8. annuities
  9. employment verification, and more
  10. RON certified
  11. Apostille
  12. Wedding Officiant

Licensed, Bonded, Insured & Background Checked
Cover Palm Beach & Broward Counties, Florida

Premier member:
National Notary Association
Notary Rotary
Notary Cafe

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Terri Golden - Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Portrait photo of Terri from Rainbow Notary and Nuptials

Serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Nancy - Notary Loan Signing Agent- Ocala & Beyond

I’m an enthusiastic, energetic certified Notary Loan signing agent who is also fluent in French. I have 7+ years experience in the Notary business. I’m proficient with refinance, reverse mortgage, hard money loans, hybrid, Ipen, new purchases, opening of safety deposit box witnessing, property photo inspections. I can print and scan from anywhere as I’m a fully mobile LSA. I’m motivated, punctual and pay close attention to detail. National Notary Association certified Loan Signing Agent, Loan Signing System graduate, Notary2Pro graduate, Notary Stars continued education.

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