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Taking a person’s fingerprints has long been considered a reliable method for identifying people and gathering information about their histories. Whereas a person’s name or address may be shared by two or more people and may change with time, a person’s fingerprint is one of a kind and is permanent; as a result, Fingerprinting Services it can provide additional insights into a person’s criminal history.

There are a few different approaches to taking the fingerprints of potential employees. Knowing your options can help you choose the best method to serve your company. It would be beneficial that a combination of two or more fingerprinting services is used in certain circumstances.

Are you looking for services that can take your fingerprints? The fingerprinting services offered by Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Wedding Officiants are among the most dependable and secure in the industry. Give us a ring immediately if you have any questions about Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Wedding Officiants or if you would like a price estimate.

After you have had you prints taken, you can click this link to check the status. Use the TCN, Transaction Control Number, to locate your fingerprints. It is the number we gave you after the prints were submitted. This is the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement or FDLE Criminal History Services.

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The Different Types Of Fingerprinting Services

The type of information sought and any sector-specific standards that may apply to your company are two factors that should guide your choice regarding whether or not to include fingerprinting services as part of the background screening program for your employees. Individuals in certain positions, such as truck drivers and funeral directors, may be required to have their fingerprints taken following federal or state regulations in certain circumstances. Other jobs, such as those that involve working with the sick, the elderly, or children, may require that applicants submit their fingerprints before being hired. Even without a statutory mandate, it may be in your business’s best interest to conduct fingerprint checks. This practice enables you to search every possible aspect of an individual’s criminal history, and it also contributes to delivering a more thorough background check.

When choosing a method of fingerprinting for your company, here are some essential considerations to consider in addition to three different fingerprinting options.

1. Typical Ink-Based Fingerprint Cards

The LiveScan fingerprinting process with ink may bring scenes from television crime dramas to mind, but this technique is still utilized in the real world. Numerous organizations continue to use this method of fingerprint collection because it has, for the most part, maintained its original form over the years. The procedure can be summarized as follows:

  • The individual’s fingertips are covered in ink.
  • One finger at a time is rolled across a card to create a fingerprint.
  • The card is either sent to be processed or added to a database.

Even today, some businesses use the time-honored technique of fingerprinting using ink cards because it is effective. However, if you are thinking about doing so, it is critical to understand that fingerprinting people still rely heavily on paper and is done by hand. For instance, the submission of ink cards and the subsequent receipt of results takes more time because the ink cards have to be mailed to a fingerprinting clearinghouse, like the FBI, for example, to be processed. Therefore, there is a greater possibility of delays in the fingerprinting procedure if it is dependent on regular mail.

2. LiveScan Fingerprinting Process

Electronic fingerprinting is a complete digital solution that increases automation throughout the fingerprinting process. For example, an individual’s criminal history can be researched using fingerprints, scanned into a computer, and then used to search a state or federal (FBI) database. If you are new to using fingerprinting as a security measure and are looking for a technology solution that is simple to operate, you should consider using this fingerprinting service. In addition, consider upgrading from the more traditional method of processing fingerprints with ink.

Electronic fingerprinting is a time-saving solution that yields positive results for the organizations that use it and the individuals whose prints are being taken. The following are some of the advantages:

Because fingerprint images can be scanned and then directly uploaded into a database, this method has a lower chance of producing inaccurate results.
Because no ink is involved, the candidates and the people handling the fingerprints have a less messy experience.

A background screening portal allows for the digital storage and retrieval of results from the screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Is A Fingerprint Considered The Best Form of Identification?

    Fingerprints are an objective primary identification criterion because they are considered unique identifiers. Similarly, footprints could be used if a record is kept for some reason, as with some military personnel, or latent footprints could be obtained.

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Trusted and Credible LiveScan Fingerprinting Services

If your organization is interested in the benefits of fingerprint recognition, you can implement it today! It can be used in various methods, including as a form of access control and an efficient method for monitoring employee attendance. Fingerprint recognition readers are also user-friendly and cost-effective over time. In addition, these may be used with passcodes and access cards to increase security.

Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Network provides LiveScan Fingerprinting Services that are among the most reliable and secure in the industry. Call us immediately, if you have questions about Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Wedding Officiants or if you’d like a quote for mobile fingerprinting services or come to our conveniently-located downtown office.

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Florida ORI Numbers and Professionals

The ORI number stands for “Originating Agency Identification” and is usually a 9-digit alphanumeric identifier associated with the specific agency. ORI numbers are used to schedule Level II background checks.

Florida Agency For Health Care Administration

Florida Agency For Health Care Administration

ORI NumberProfession
EAHCA790ZManaged Care
EAHCA013ZFlorida Medicaid Providers and Enrollees
Agency For Persons With Disabilities

Agency For Persons With Disabilities

ORI NumberProfession
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

ORI NumberProfession
EDJJ1940ZDepartment of Juvenile Justice (Employee)
VDJJ1940ZDepartment of Juvenile Justice (Volunteer)
Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

ORI NumberProfession
FL921700ZAuto Dealer License
FL924360ZCDL School Instructor License
Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Florida Office of Financial Regulation

ORI NumberProfession
FL921050ZFlorida Mortgage Broker & Lender License
FL737111ZFlorida Mortgage Loan Originator License
FL921250ZDivision of Securities
FL922720ZMoney Services Business
Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

ORI NumberProfession
EDOEVR100Vendor Registration Employee
EDOEVR200Independent Living Employee
VDOEVR100Vendor Registration Volunteer
VDOEVR200Independent Living Volunteer
Department of Business & Professional Regulation

Department of Business & Professional Regulation

ORI NumberProfession
FL920010ZReal Estate Sales and Broker
FL922050ZReal Estate Appraisers
FL921932ZCommunity Association Managers
FL921670ZTalent Agents
FL922040ZAthlete Agents
FL921880ZEmployee Leasing
FL920150ZAlcoholic, Beverages and Tobacco
FL924250ZHome Inspectors
FL924260ZMold Remediation or Assessment
FL924270Z (All Boards)Military Endorsement
FL924780ZDrugs, Devices & Cosmetics
FL921900ZFlorida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (FCTMH)
FL925183ZPari-Mutuel Wagering Applicant
FL925184ZRacetrack Employee Occupational License
FL925185ZSlot Machine Occupational License
FL925186ZCardroom Occupational License
FL737270ZFire Alarm System Agent / Burglar Alarm System
Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DOA)

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DOA)

ORI NumberProfession
FL923130ZSecurity Guard
Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DOA)

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DOA)

ORI NumberProfession
FL921260ZGeneral DEO Screening
Florida Department of Children and Families

Florida Department of Children and Families

ORI NumberProfession
EDCFMH20ZDCF Mental Health Providers
EDCFSC30ZDCF Summer Camp Providers
Florida Department Elder Affairs

Florida Department Elder Affairs

ORI NumberProfession
EDOEA310ZDepartment of Elder Affairs
Clerk of The Circuit Court & Comptroller

Clerk of The Circuit Court & Comptroller

ORI NumberProfession
FL923850ZLake County
Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of Education

ORI NumberProfession
FL921620ZTeacher Certification
Florida Department of Revenue

Florida Department of Revenue

ORI NumberProfession
FL921650ZSecond Hand Dealer License
Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health

ORI NumberProfession
EDOH0380ZCNA (All Reasons)
EDOH2014ZPhysician/Medical Doctor
EDOH2015ZOsteopathic Physician
EDOH2016ZChiropractic Physician
EDOH2017ZPodiatric Physician
EDOH3451ZOrthotist & Prosthetist
EDOH4400ZC.N.A by Reciprocity
EDOH4420ZRN License By Exam
EDOH4420ZLPN License By Exam
EDOH4420ZAPN License By Exam
EDOH4420ZLPN Upgrade to Multi-State License
EDOH4420ZAPN Upgrade To Multi-State License
EDOH4420ZRN Upgrade to Multi-State License
EDOH4510ZAnesthesiologist Assistant
EDOH4520ZAthletic Training
EDOH4530ZClinical Lab Personnel
EDOH4540ZClinical Nurse Specialist
EDOH4550ZClinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Counseling
EDOH4570ZDietetics / Nutrition
EDOH4590ZHearing Aid Specialist
EDOH4600ZMassage Therapy
EDOH4610ZMedical Physicist
EDOH4640ZNursing Home Administrator
EDOH4650ZOccupational Therapy
EDOH4690ZPhysical Therapy
EDOH4700ZPhysician Assistant
EDOH4720ZRespiratory Care
EDOH4730ZSchool Psychology
EDOH4740ZSpeech/Language Pathology