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Lisa Marie Carniello - Fort Myers Mobile Notaries

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Lisa Marie Carniello - Fort Myers Mobile Notaries

I have various job experiences, ranging from Emergency Services and Law Enforcement to management to customer service, landing here as a Notary. In which I can bring all my life experiences and apply them here.

Within these fields of employment, I have gained a multitude of various skills and experience. My experience within the emergency industry, (EMS, Law enforcement, and dispatch) has given me the ability to remain calm under high pressure situations and to be very detailed orientated but most of all it has given me the ability to see the world from a different view of being a civilian. Judgment Free Zone!

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Customer service covers a broad spectrum, most people think of “retail” when customer service is mentioned, however, it is technically, any person, business, or community you service, for example, the communities I served while a police officer were all “my customers” to protect and serve. With that said, I have worked in customer service in an office setting in different industries, as well. With customer service comes communication skills and style, in any position, communication is key, as it is in everyday life, with peers, neighbors, friends, and partners, it’s the way of life. I bring years of experience in many different styles of communication to the NOTARY WORLD !