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Craig Skigen is the dedicated force behind Sebastian Notary Services, an establishment deeply rooted in his journey through diverse fields. With a distinguished background as a US Marine Corps veteran, an accomplished IT professional, and a seasoned high school math teacher, Craig embodies a unique blend of discipline, technical acumen, and a passion for education.

With a passion for accuracy, forged in the military and refined in the digital world, and a heart dedicated to education, Sebastian Notary Services represents the fusion of Craig’s diverse experiences. His attention to detail, nurtured through years of IT precision and imparting knowledge, forms the cornerstone of the notary services he provides.

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He is a dedicated wedding officiant with a unique touch, drawing from his role as a Universal Life Church minister. With a deep understanding of the profound significance that weddings hold in people’s lives, Craig approaches each ceremony with a perfect blend of reverence, warmth, and inclusivity. His affiliation with the Universal Life Church underscores his commitment to fostering love and unity among diverse couples, as the ULC promotes a philosophy of embracing all beliefs and backgrounds. As a wedding officiant and ULC minister, Craig not only creates beautifully personalized ceremonies that reflect the couple’s journey and values but also ensures that their special day is a true celebration of love, shared joy, and the limitless possibilities of togetherness.


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