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Lisa Marie Carniello - Fort Myers Wedding Officiant

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Lisa Marie Carniello - Fort Myers Wedding Officiant

I have always been a hopeless romantic and I LOVE seeing LOVE! Now, I have the opportunity to be a part of the most amazing and wonderful milestone in some ones life, “Their wedding, Their taking of each others vows, their commitment to each other” Being able to officiate this new Journey for any couple who takes that leap of faith with their life partner, humbles me and brings joy to my heart!

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I can officiate your wedding, big, small, formal, informal, whichever venue you choose! This is your day, all the choices are yours, which brings me to your vows, we can choose from standard ones, pick different inserts from different standard vows and combine them to suit you. I can take note of your story as a couple, ask you some personality questions of yourself and partner, favorite things you love about each other, etc and write, a unique set of vows specifically written for you and your partner and of course, you can write your own.

Again, this is you and your partners day, therefore, it should be tailored just the way you want it. Your wish is my command! I will work with you to make your day amazing!

It would be an honor to officiate your wedding!


Dr. Liliana Wolf

Florida Premarital Course

To improve your chances of success with your new relationship, we have teamed up with Dr. Liliana Wolf to offer you her Premarital class. Florida requires a premarital class if you want to skip the 3 day waiting period and save money on your license, check out her course here.

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