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Mobile Notary

Why would you need a mobile notary?

You can depend on TEAM RAINBOW to provide signing services wherever and whenever the client needs to
meet…reliably, flexibly, with unsurpassed professionalism, and with proven attention to detail.


Your documents are sensitive and require an environment of confidentiality. Retail stores and banks that offer notarizations do not tend to have that environment available.


Most stores and banks are closed by 5:30pm during the week, and have limited hours on weekends and holidays. Mobile notaries keep extended hours of service and can assist you evenings, weekends, and holidays.


Counter help generally works at an expeditious pace, due to other customers waiting for services–so there may be a feeling of being rushed. If you need additional support to get the notarization performed (such as credible witnesses or signature by mark) they may not offer that opportunity.


Perhaps you don’t have transportation, or are in the hospital and cannot travel to get a notarization–you need a commissioned notary to come to you, where you need the service provided. We come to you.


When the documents require formal training and/or experience. For example, Certified Notary Signing Agent status. Notaries in shipping centers and or banks may not be certified to handle loan closing documents specifically. We are certified by the NNA, https://www.nationalnotary.org/ to handle your loan signing documents. We are licensed and bonded professionals who carry Errors And Omission insurance.