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Lisa M Escobar Rosado

Serving Kissimmee
From the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Lisa's parents came to New York City and that is the hometown of Lisa and her siblings. Lisa moved to Florida in 2007 to enjoy the Florida sunshine and a slower paced life to rear her family.

In search of her own wedding officiant, she found Rainbow Notary and Nuptials. Not only did Selecia perform her wedding but offered her a position with Rainbow as a Notary and Wedding Officiant. Lisa has been a Notary since 2018. Lisa and her wife, Maria, live in Kissimmee and share two grown daughters and a son. The most exciting news on top of being married is that their daughter is giving them their first grandchild.

Life is about sharing bonds and no one understands that better than Lis who believes that making every waking moments make life count. Her attention to detail as well as dedication to even the smallest of weddings performed something special. Lisa connects with her clients with confidence and peace of mind. Lisa enjoys music, her children, her soon to be grandchild, her pets and traveling with Maria.
A Florida native who grew up in Colorado attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and then spent 20 years in a robust entertainment career in Los Angeles, David has traveled through all of the United States with the exception of Maine and Idaho. Through his travels he's witnessed first hand the wonderful diversity of our nation and feels it's that diversity that makes us truly a great country. He currently lives in Orlando with his wife, their two sons, and their favorite dog Bear. He appreciates live music, a good round of golf, and an afternoon relaxing at the beach.

David G Avalos

Serving Orlando
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