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Florida Notaries are you RON ready?

Are you ready to perform remote online notarizations? There are only two choices in getting started. Many Notaries sign up with a RON vendor who will provide any required software and tools for online notarization and others prefer to independently purchase their own identification, remote notarization, and recordkeeping solutions without relying on a vendor.

Well, what’s the best choice for you in Florida? The answer will depend on two important factors.

1. FLORIDA requires RON vendors that are compliant with the law.

For starters,  the state of Florida and its state RON laws require Notaries to use a RON vendor. Notaries must use a RON vendor chosen from an approved list. Florida Notaries must use a RON vendor compliant with state law, but the state does not recommend or endorse specific companies. In these states, you can’t set up your own independent RON system. The remote online notarization system you use MUST meet all the state requirements.

2. Which RON vendor is right for you to get started.

The advantage of using a RON vendor is that it allows “one-stop shopping” for Notaries starting remote online notarization services. Vendors typically set up any RON necessities for the Notary in one package, such as:

  • Identify verification software.
  • Electronic signature systems.
  • Secure storage for video recordings of remote online notarizations.

Some vendors also will provide Notaries with digital certificates, electronic seals, or training and tech support for their platform, which can be very helpful for Notaries who have little or no experience with RON or electronic documents. At the same time, this convenience comes with additional costs. RON vendors typically charge fees for using their services and some may require the Notary to split a portion of their notarization fees with the vendor.

Another factor that can affect choosing a vendor is high demand due to COVID-19. Nationwide use of RON has skyrocketed this year due to pandemic safety concerns and Florida is one of these states. Because there is such a high demand for RON, you may experience delays getting started. Allow yourself extra time before advertising. But most importantly, learning how to navigate the software should be your biggest concern.

Final thoughts

Whichever vendor you choose to set yourself up as a RON, always be sure you comply with all state laws, protect the privacy of your signer’s documents and ensure all your remote online notarizations are properly performed. If you have questions FRONA is available to help you. Call us at 1-800-361-5332 or visit our website 

Copied with permission as a Member of Florida Remote Online Notary

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