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Wedding Chapel near Beverly Beach, Florida

The Rainbow Wedding Chapel is Northern Florida's Inclusive and Affordable solution to your wedding planning.

440 West Adams Street, Jacksonville FL, 32202

Walk-in Wedding Chapel on Demand

Thousands of couples every year want to get married but dread the huge expense of a traditional wedding. We’re here for your convenience. Maybe it’s all the money you can save for that honeymoon or vacation, maybe it’s the stress of planning a blow-out wedding, or the hassles of coordinating and appeasing family and friends. No matter which reason resonates with you most, we are here to help! Marriage is commitment enough without having to navigate the maze of traditional wedding venues, wedding planners, maxed out credit cards, and families arguing about who’s going to pay for what.

We are just a short drive from Beverly Beach, in Jacksonville, FL. We’re an affordable and inclusive option for your wedding day. Our goal is to give every couple, no matter what background, persuasion, or orientation, the best possible experience and personal touch. We’d love to help you plan your perfect day from start to finish.

Read on below to find out what’s involved in getting married in our Rainbow Wedding Chapel!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in the Rainbow Wedding Chapel?

On the day, besides your parking, and your drive from Beverly Beach, it only costs $100 for the ceremony. Before you head this way though, see below about marriage licenses.

As for parking, Metered parking is available downtown and is $2 per hour. The Duval County Courthouse parking garage is conveniently located within the same structure as our chapel. The entrance is at 151 Clay Street and the charge is $4 per hour.

We accept ALL CREDIT CARDS and APPLE PAY. Contact us to reserve your Wedding Day at Rainbow Wedding Chapel. We look forward to being a part of your special day.

How Do I Get a Florida Marriage License?

If you have a marriage license issued in ANY FLORIDA COUNTY, we can solemnize your marriage license. The following places are issuing licenses without any delay:

Completing the marriage license is the task that gives a wedding officiant the title “Officiant.” We are making a marriage “officially” legal. In order to be legally married and have the legal rights and privileges of marriage, you need to have a marriage license. The marriage license for a service in the Rainbow Wedding Chapel should be from any county in the State of Florida. Once you have the marriage license, it needs to be completed by a person who officially meets the requirements of Florida to do so – usually an Ordained Minister, Judge, Justice of the Peace, or similar. Obtaining a marriage license just means you are allowed to marry. By completing the marriage license, you are choosing to actually marry and enter into the legal contract.

Take An Online Course and Skip The Waiting Period!

Note that there is a mandatory 3 day waiting period in Florida, if one or both persons are Florida residents.

HOWEVER, you can skip this if you take an online course. We highly recommend taking the Florida Premarital Class. This class gives you several benefits: 

  1. Skills to embark on this new relationship with your partner, to give it every chance of success!
  2. Skip the 3 day waiting period before getting married.
  3. Get a coupon to save money on your marriage license for taking the course!

Have a look at Dr. Liliana Wolf’s Florida Premarital Course, then come back and book your wedding nuptials at the Rainbow Wedding Chapel!

What Kinds of Marriage Ceremonies Do You Perform?

Each state has requirements as to who can sign a marriage license and how they must legally “marry” the couple. Part of the requirements usually includes a wedding ceremony. How big or small your ceremony depends on what you want. If a religious leader is marrying you they may require you to perform a religious ceremony. A judge or a professional wedding officiant may simply ask you if you are sure you want to enter in the marriage and have you give your verbal consent. Traditionally, the answer is “I do.” But I always say “anything in the affirmative will work.” Sometimes the answer is “heck yeah!

Wedding Chapel near Beverly Beach Florida couple

We work with the couple to provide personalized vows, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, beach weddings and LGBTQ (Same-Sex) weddings. We help to make your special day perfect.

Wedding Chapel near Beverly Beach Florida wedding

Traditionally, if the wedding officiant is a minister and marrying you in a church they will lead your wedding rehearsal. It’s a church service so it’s already organized. It’s done the same way every time.

Non-religious wedding officiants also organize wedding parties and lead rehearsals pretty much the same way a minister of a church does. The only difference is they use their wedding ceremony script as a guide for what happens during the ceremony and practice that at the rehearsal.

We are an INCLUSIVE and AFFORDABLE solution to your wedding planning. We marry all couples with a valid marriage license from ANY FLORIDA COUNTY. We have several ceremonies to choose from: with or without prayer, with or without rings. These options can include prayers of any faith or of none. This is YOUR wedding ceremony and will be created just for you. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at our Rainbow Wedding Chapel location. Special arrangements can be made outside these regular business hours. We also offer full-service wedding officiating services. We have experienced wedding officiants across Florida to serve you.
440 Adams Street West
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(Inside Maddy D’s Café)
Directly ACROSS from the Duval County Courthouse

Wedding Chapel near Beverly Beach Florida

Wedding Chapel near Beverly Beach Florida wedding

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