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How Do I Get Married Quickly in Jacksonville?

Not everyone has the luxury of time to devote an entire year to wedding planning. Even if you do, not everyone desires to spend so much time worrying about the minor details. 

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with planning your wedding quickly. Perhaps the bride or groom will be deployed soon, the couple wants a gravely ill family member to witness their union, or they are eager to begin married life. No matter how short of time you have to plan your wedding, if you’re flexible, a last-minute wedding can have just as many meaningful moments as a traditionally planned one. 

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Ten Factors to Consider When Planning a Wedding Quickly

Here is what you should do when you want to get married quickly in Jacksonville.

1. Establish a Budget

All of your decisions, from what you’ll wear to the type of food you’ll prepare, will be determined by your budget. A small guest list is an effective way to keep costs low, and it is also a good idea when planning time is limited.

2. Ceremony and Reception Planning

Consider placing the ceremony and reception in the exact location. Thus, you will only have to deal with one location and one event planner, which will be significantly more efficient. Examine the venue’s wedding packages; if they’ve already arranged a ceremony musician, photo booth, and bridal bouquet, you can cross those items off your list. And because Saturday-night receptions at popular event venues, such as hotel ballrooms, are likely booked months in advance, consider a Friday night or Sunday afternoon ceremony. Rates may also be reduced. Or view restaurants with function rooms.

3. Find an Officiant

Do this as soon as a date is established. Then, your wedding can be officiated by a clergy member, judge, county clerk, or a close friend or relative who has been ordained or commissioned online.

4. Create an Invitation List and a Wedding Website

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Within a week, you could receive personalized invitations in the mail. Online stationers allow you to select a motif, color, and font, then print the invitations with your specific wedding information in a matter of days. If you lack the time, call or email each guest on your guest list. People are typically tardy when it comes to RSVPing, so try to obtain a response immediately. You should also include the link to your wedding website, as it will be the most convenient way for guests to stay informed. Rather than creating one from scratch, use a pre-built template and continue to add information as time passes. Include links to online stores on your gift registry.

5. Plan the Wedding Party

You are free to have one or not. (Only a witness is required at the wedding; bridesmaids and groomsmen are optional.) If you need attendants, limit the number to one or two per person; the fewer people you must monitor, the more time you will save.

6. Decide What to Wear

You have the best chance of finding a dress in a department store or a bridal salon sample sale. Avoid purchasing anything that requires extensive alterations, which causes hassles and delays. The groom can consider renting a tuxedo or suit, or he can wear one in good condition that he already owns.

7. Obtain the Services of a Photographer, Musicians, Florist, and Baker

If your top choices are unavailable, request a recommendation for an alternative photographer. Before signing a contract, be sure to review his wedding portfolio. Then, repeat for the remaining vendors.

8. Request the Rings

If there is no time to engrave before the wedding, it should be done after the honeymoon. 

9. Request a Marriage License

In some states, there is a five-day waiting period between the time you apply for a license and the time it is issued. Consult the county clerk’s office in the state where you intend to get married. In most states, you have sixty to ninety days to complete a wedding ceremony after receiving a marriage license.

10. Verify Every Detail with Suppliers

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Do this both one week and one day before the wedding. Confirm all dates, delivery times, locations, payments, and the mobile phone number of the point person. Verify that they have your mobile phone number as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Quickest Method for Getting Married?

Express Marriage Services is the quickest method for getting married in the county.

What is the Simplest Way to Get Married?

A civil ceremony is the simplest way to get married at the courthouse. At various Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk branch offices, the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage performs marriage ceremonies.

What is a Quick Wedding Called?

A quick wedding is called “elopement.” It colloquially describes any hastily performed marriage with a limited or nonexistent public engagement period. For example, some couples elope to circumvent parental or religious opposition.

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