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Tips to be ready for Remote Online Notary

These are some tips to help you get ready for your Remote Online Notary session. Thank you! You will receive a link to verify your identification and prepare for your signing session. Watch your e-mail closely. Check your junk/spam/promotions email folders for the Get Started e-mail from¬†[email protected].
The cost is $31 for the first notarial act with seal. Each additional notarial act (stamp) is $6. Each additional person on video (2nd signer or witness) is $6.
All signers must have identification. U.S. state ID or any country’s Passport is required. When you photograph your identification, lay it on a flat, dark surface in great lighting. Every signer must have a social security number.
The knowledge-based authentication (identity verification) will create five questions. KBA verifies data associated with your ID and SSN to confirm your identity. The notary cannot override the KBA identity check. The identity verification lasts twelve hours, so complete it before your appointment — but not too early!
You will upload your document securely on the platform before your session. No need to email the notary your personal information. Password protected documents will show as blank pages on the screen. Remove password protection before uploading! We cannot notarize password protected documents at this time.
LifeLock or any other kind of credit freezing program will cause identity verification failure. You must turn it off before you attempt this! You can turn it back on right after.
A firewall on a secure system will often prevent the audiovisual communication necessary during the online session. If you are on a work computer or secure work network, you will likely need to move away from that system and use a personal device instead.
Call or text 904-333-7311 with questions. This number is WhatsApp enabled to better serve our clients outside the United States.

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